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Students of the Month: 
Kaleb &

Shira Lerner!!!

Keys to a Successful Summer

We know many of you have summer plans and we hope you have tons of cool adventures! Since the New York Musician's Center is open year-round, it's a good idea to start thinking about summer now!
Q. "How do lessons work in the summer?"
A. The New York Musician's Center is open year-round, and we do not close in the summer.
Q. "Will there be space available in the fall?"
A. We actually grow in enrollment during the summer months! Some students withdraw, but we are getting a huge influx of new students for the summer and majority continue into the fall.
Q. "How full is the Academy?"
A. Our studio is at 90 percent capacity. Our teachers are currently slighter over 90% capacity and many of them are completely booked with a waiting list. 
Q. "If I withdraw for the summer, can I keep my spot for the fall?"
A. Lessons are first come, first serve so if students withdraw for the summer, we cannot guarantee that you will have a spot in the fall, as we will open the spot to new students.
The big questions for all parents
 and students
to consider are:
Do you want lessons with your teacher
 in the same time slot for the fall?

Do you want to keep your
 Musical Ladder System level for the fall?

If the answers are YES, there are SEVERAL WAYS to keep your spot - please talk to the front desk so we can help you!

Kaleb & Shira are two passionate siblings, full of fun and energy. They both love Disney music and aspire to be quite successful when they grow older!

Each week, the Lerners come in and continue to impress us. They love playing with friends and eating lots of treats like chocolate and peppermints!

New York Musician's Center
Monthly * May/June 2018

Thank you Long Island for making us the Best Place for Music Lessons!

We have 34 teachers available. To inquire about openings for May, you can call the office at 516-515-0236 or email

Rob: 1 slot open!
Melissa: 3 slots open!
Hazel: 5 slots open!
Demelina: FULL
Cameron: 5 slots open!
Christian: 2 slots open!
Andrew W: 3 slots open!
Dan: 1 slot open!
Kieran: 1 slot open!
Brian: 3 slots open!
Nicole: 2 slots open!

Welcome to Our Newest Students from last month!!!

Anny U.
Amy R.
Hasan S.
Joseph C.
Sofia A.
Jonathan A.

Veer P.
Nina C.
Angie S.
Emma Z.
Sophia F.
Julia D.

Krista S.
Richard A.
Francine C.
Madison W.
Jason G.
Aubrey M.
Mark B.
Nicoletta R.
Lourdes S.
Megan D.
Parker S.
Kamryn A.

Tara K
Keidin R
Yalitza E
Jonathan B
Taliah G
Sarah M
Kylie B
Sania K
Frank V
Michael P
Adith S
Gavin G
Giselle R
Veda M
Ariana T
Susan C
Daniel B
John Paul A
Milan C
Ryan C
Hunter A
Natalia G
Alissa M
Adoniram H
Andrew H
Bella W
Victoria S
Vielka A
Alexandra D
Chelsea B

Thinking ahead about a Recital Song???
Now is the perfect time to begin working on a Spring recital piece. It is hard to perfect music without months of practice.
Do you have a family favorite or a NYSSMA selection that you are preparing? Choose a song that you love and that will push further.
NYMC Recitals are always FREE so plan to bring everyone! Beginners are welcome and highly encouraged to perform because we know that performing in public helps to create confidant 
leaders of tomorrow!
You've got to be in it to enjoy it- call us today to see how you can perform!!!

It's Referral May Madness!!!!
Refer your friends to get a $25 gift card AND your name will be entered for a chance to win one YEAR of FREE music lessons!!!

Upcoming Calendar Events

Memorial Day- We are OPEN
May 28th
NYMC Spring Recitals
June 3 @ Adelphi
Steinway Piano Recitals
June 9 @ Steinway of Melville 

Check Out Some of Our Kids Who Passed their Musical Ladder Tests!