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Welcome to Our Newest Students from last month!!!

Ava C.
Julissa E.
Janelle E.
Luis N.
Joseph N.
Gavin B.
Jack M.
Chloe A.
Nicholas K.
Avner T.
Michelle E.
Anthony D.
Cathaleen J.
Sophia F.
Dyana M.
Sofia C.
Arianna R.
Ryan-David N.
Thomas C.
Vielka A.
Maya E.
Makayla L.
Sofia A.
Thor C.
Jack M.
Ethan R.
Rebecca M.
Nina D.
Vincent F.
Zachery K.
Catarina A.
Victoria R.
Emily M.
Veronica F.
Eden M.
Alanna O.
Mark K.
Christina C.
Johnie P.
Monika C.

Mark Your Calendars!

Family Appreciation Day and NYMC Open House

Mark your calendars! September 8th is our Open House and Family Appreciation Day from 12pm-3pm! Come get your face painted, grab some ice cream, and bring a friend to try out a music lesson! We will also be pulling a name for our drawing to win a free year of lessons. You’ve gotta be in it to win it…refer your friends today!

  Call NYMC at 516-515-0236 or email us at info@nymcmusic.com

It's Summer Referral Madness!!!!
Win a FULL YEAR of FREE Music Lessons!!!!

It's easy...

1. Refer a friend or family member

2. You receive 2 free lessons automatically

3. You'll automatically be entered into our September 8th drawing to win a full year of free music lessons!!!

There is not limit...so keep referring!!!

We have 31 teachers available. To inquire about openings for May, you can call the office at 516-515-0236 or email info@Nymcmusic.com

Demelina.- Waiting List
Casey- 2 spots
Hazel – 2 spots 
Melissa - Waiting List
Marc- 2 spots
Daniel- Waiting List    
Christian- Waiting List         
Joshua- 3 spots
Felicia- 2 spots
Clerida – 1 spot

Student of the Month: 

Max M.!!!

Max is an awesome pianist! His favorite music genre is Rock. He is on his way to 4th grade this year and he loves Playing soccer & kickball! Max appreciates that his mom pushes him to practice everyday!

Congratulations, Max!!!

New York Musician's Center
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Thank you Long Island for making us the Best Place for Music Lessons!

Upcoming Calendar Events

September 3, 2018- Labor Day OPEN

September 8, 2018- Family Appreciation Day/Open House

October-Halloween Celebration!

November-NYMC Food Drive


Congratulations to everyone who passed their Musical Ladder Tests this month!