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Student of the Month: Angelique Picado!!!

Angelique's favorite color is blue, and her favorite musical artist is Tori Kelly. When she plays outside, her favorite activity is soccer. When she grows up, she wants to be Miss Universe. Her teachers are Dan and Demelina. Angelique said that Dan taught her to try her best and that Demelina taught her how to make a square shape with her 
mouth. Her favorite candy is caramel. 

Angelique Picado!

You're Never Too Old to Learn an Instrument 

*Steve, a 72 year old recently retired judge, invited us to share his story. Thank you, Steve!!!

Steve had a lifelong desire to learn to play the piano but did not have the time or interest when he was younger or when he was working. 

His teacher at NYMC is Rob Carroll who he praises as being patient and encouraging, and who challenges him to be as good a pianist as he can be. Steve finds that learning to play the piano is fun and playing the Beatles songs he loves gives him a great deal of pleasure. 

Steve believes that learning an instrument, like learning a new language, has helped his memory and concentration. He recommends learning an instrument to other Seniors. 

     December News

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Halloween contest and congratulations to the winner... 

The Cheng Family!!! 

It's Recital Time!

We LOVE Recital time!  This winter's recitals will be at Adelphi University's Recital Hall. Recital times will be announced on November 17th.  All recitals will take place at Adelphi's Recital Hall on December 16th and 17th. 
If you have any questions, please call us at 516.515.0236. 

Welcome to Our New Students!!!

Sahill A
Isabella A
Joshua A
Eliana A
Malena B
Anaya-Grace C
Ashmeen C
James C
Matthew C
Angelina C
Laura C
Adrian C
Melanie C
Isabella C
Liam D
Khloe D
Jayden E
Shira E
Gabrielle F
Tristan H
Laila J
Soraya J
Seraphina K
Karen K
Lena K
Jasmine L
Donovan L
Athina M
Tiffany M
Molly M
Alissa M
Bella M
Ivan N
Ryan-David N
Shrestha P
Kyrk P
Kyle P
Nathaniel P
Jaden P
Analiese R
Ayden R
Michelle S
Rohan S
Devin S
Nathan S
Noelle T
Leilani V


Spooktacular Halloween Fun at NYMC!!!
We had so many families who showed off their Halloween spirit for a spooktacular week of music lessons! Here are just a few...

Important Dates

December 16 & 17: Winter Recitals at Adelphi 

 December 18 thru 22: Musical Ladder Week! 
December 22 & January 28: Carnegie Hall Recitals 


Want to kick off the New Year with $500? 

Let us help! We are so grateful for your referrals as they are the heartbeat of our business. So... 
We're giving away $500 on New Years Day to the person who refers the most people before New Years day (family counts). 
It's simple!

1. Refer your friends. 
hard to make 
2. Be sure they let us know if you referred them. 
3. Win $500!!!

Check out a few of our kids who passed their Musical Ladder Assessments!

Liam Won a YEAR of Lessons!!!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of our Fall Referral Contest...

Liam Reynolds!!!

Liam won a year of FREE Lessons. Thank you, Liam and thank you to everyone for your referrals. We truly appreciate it!!! 
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Join Us at Carnegie Hall! 

The students of the New York Musician's Center are so excited to return to Carnegie Hall for our encore performance! 
Tickets are $25 each and almost sold out! 

This is a once in a lifetime experience and we 
are so excited for our musician's to grace the 
stage. The city is beautiful this time of year and 
we have special guest performers from Julliard coming to join us for the occasion!

Is there room for more performers?

There are 5 spots left in our January show. Call the front desk at 516-515-0236 or email us at quickly for information if you would like to register for this performance.